Custom Round Logo Cookie Stamp
  • Custom Round Logo Cookie Stamp
  • Custom Round Logo Cookie Stamp

Custom Round Logo Cookie Stamp


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Take Baking to the Next Level and Really Impress at your next Corporate Event with your very own Custom Designed Logo Bake & Cookie Stamp!

Imagine being able to have your very own custom designed stamp manufactured especially for your next business or corporate event. Whether its a product launch, xmas party, freebies at an exhibition or baking show, your own logo will be 3D designed on your own custom bake stamp that can then be used on any dough or icing surface.


Logo Cookie Stamp Features


- Made from PLA plastic which is biodegradable and is derived from cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots and even potato starch.

- Manufactured using the Latest 3D Technology.

- Our designers customise your stamp with your own logo.

- Proudly 100% Manufactured and Designed in Australia.

- Used on various surfaces like dough, icing & more.



Logo Cookie Stamp Dimensions


The stamp you are purchasing is 2.4 Inches (60mm) in Diameter


However you have another 2 sizes to choose from which are:


- 3 Inch (80mm) Diameter

- 4 Inch (100mm) Diameter


All Bake Stamps are 15mm in Height.



How do I order this Custom Stamp?

Ordering a custom logo cookie stamp is quite simple.


Firstly you'll need to Upload your Logo in the Upload Box located above.

NOTE: that there is a 10Mb size limit and that our designer will be in touch regarding whether the logo is suitable for 3D manufacture.


** IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU ORDER - PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR LOGO FIRST TO SUPPORT@STAMPANDBAKE.COM.AU SO OUR DESIGNER CAN ENSURE IT CAN BE 3D DESIGNED. Reason is that some Logos are too complex in order for our machinery to trace and carve the outlines.

Secondly You'll need to select your desired cookie stamp colour. Select your colour above under the 'Select your Stamp Colour' option.


Thirdly If you require, you can select another cookie stamp size using the 'Available Stamp Sizes' drop-down menu above.

Once done, add your custom bake stamp to the cart.

When your order is received we will process and manufacture your stamp within 48 hours.

*** Please keep in mind that this process may be delayed during busy hours or if you require any extra design changes.



Do you have more information on cookie stamps, shipping costs & ordering?

Yes of course you can find much more information about bake stamps, shipping, ordering, returns and more at our FAQ page.

If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our Contact Page