GENERAL  What is a bake stamp



What is a cookie bake stamp?

Well it’s really quite simple! Cookie bake stamps are handheld tools that are used to create an imprint onto soft edible surfaces such as dough and icing. Our bake cookie stamps due are able to be used to stamp a variety of edible surfaces.

How do I use a bake cookie stamp?

Using our cookie stamps is very easy. Once you have rolled out your dough or icing, simply start by pressing the stamp downwards gently onto the surface. Once pressed the imprinted design on the stamp is transferred to reveal a wonderful mirror of your design! Repeat as many times as you please.

What Kind of edible surfaces can I use the bake stamp on?

There are a range of surfaces however the most common would be cookie dough, bread & pie dough, marzipan, fondant and ganache. The stamps are very versatile and so it also comes down to experimentation and creativity as well.

Who can use your cookie bake stamps?

Pretty much anyone who loves to bake and create uniquely edible delicacies for their next special event. Being so versatile, our stamps are used by a range of individuals including bakers, cake decorators, pie makers, business owners hosting an event, mums at home organising a birthday, caterers and so much more for so many special occasions and events.


What Kind of cookie bake stamps do you make?

With our range growing all the time we currently offer bake stamps in various shapes such as round, rectangular and square shapes and allow you to add text, a logo, a decal and now even your portrait onto a stamp which is all designed in-house by our highly experienced 3D graphic artists.



How do I submit my design for a cookie bake stamp?

On the product page just before you add your order to the shopping cart you’ll notice a few added options to customize your stamp. These include either the ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ text fields, the ‘logo’ field if your uploading a logo, or a ‘photo’ field if your uploading a photo.

Depending on the stamp product you are purchasing will depend on the options that are available to you.


How long does a cookie bake stamp take to make?

We use the latest in 3D laser and modelling printers and even so each and every stamp is individually designed, made, tested and coated which take approximately 48 Hours to complete. Once done we require an additional 24 hours to prepare it for shipping.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. You are more than welcome to purchase only the single bake stamp if required.


Do you offer discounts for bulks orders?

We do have discounts however these rates are available via our reseller program. You'll need to be a business and have signed up using our Reseller form. This will enable you to enjoy discounted rates for multiple quantities purchased.


How long does delivery take once posted?

We generally use Australia post for our postage and send all stamps by registered post (In Australia) and via Economy Air Mail if sending internationally. We do have an express post service for an extra HOWEVER keep in mind the initial 48 hours of processing time is still required before actual postage occurs.



How much does shipping cost?


For all Australian and NZ orders the cost is absolutely Free for orders over $100.00 However with all other international orders there is a flat fee of $10.00 per stamp to ship by Air Mail.



Are your cookie bake stamps food safe?

All our bake stamps are manufactured in house using food grade, biodegradable and non-toxic materials. This material has been FDA approved for use with food and complies with Australia safety standards. In addition, once your stamp is made we further coat it with a food safe coating for extra safety. This ensures that your tool is not only safe with in contacting with food such as dough and icing, but safe for children to use as well.


How do I clean and store my cookie bake stamp?

Immediately after use we recommend that you wash your stamp with warm water using anti-bacterial soap. As your stamp is made from non-toxic materials, DO NOT wash using a dishwasher, use any harsh chemicals or hot water as this may damage your stamp. Once washed gently dry with a cloth and store away in a dark, cooler area at room temperature (Up to 24 degrees). A cupboard is a great spot most of the times.


Any thing we missed out?


If there are any other questions not answered here please contact us via our contact page.